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Jacob Dunlop

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Weight: 74kg (-2.8kg)
Lean: 67.9kg (-1.3kg)
Fat%: 8.3% (-1.6%)
Fat: 6.1kg (-1.5kg)

Jacob Dunlop

I have been working with Jacob for 5 months. In this time he has consistently lost body fat and weight at a healthy pace, while also slowly building lean body mass and increasing strength.

He wanted to achieve his goals of losing body fat and weight to feel more confident within himself. This was very achievable in the timeframe we put together for him to get to the healthy, realistic numbers he was after.

I guided Jacob on the importance of being consistent with his eating following specific macro targets daily. Following 80-90% compliance over months, it allowed us to see how his body responded to the amount of food he was eating, and we could create some flexibility.

He could have the occasional eating out meal and even alcohol with his family and still get results. And no they were not ‘cheat meals’. He enjoys strength training, lifting weights and doing some cardio to help him be a little more active day to day.

We found out his metabolic rate and acted accordingly, putting him in a weekly deficit. Whenever Jacob has hit a plateau, we always act accordingly and make a small adjustment to his eating and training.

His results are from his effort and consistency to his goals and his transformation is a testament to this.