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Nathan Lakeman

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Weight: 71kg (-4kg)
Lean: 60.6kg (+8.7kg)
Fat%: 14.7% (-16.2%)
Fat: 10.4kg (-12.7kg)

Nathan Lakeman

I have loved working with this guy. Just awesome body recomp. I have been coaching Nathan for 3 years.

In this time he has consistently lost body fat and weight at a healthy pace, while also slowly building lean body mass and increasing strength. He wanted to lose some body fat and some weight, while getting fitter and stronger, to feel more confident within himself. This was very achievable in the timeframe we put together for him to get to the healthy, realistic numbers he was after.

The more challenging part of his journey was that he works full time as a chef and we needed to put some rules and directions in place, but at the same time have some flexibility because of the nature of his work.

We put some guidelines in places and he followed them amazingly. By having weekly check ins and measurements and sessions, it allowed us to see how his body responded to the amount of food he was eating, and we could create some flexibility.

He can eat the foods he loves in moderation and not lose progress. He could even have some alcohol with friends and family and not slow down or lose results. We found out his metabolic rate and acted accordingly, putting him in a weekly deficit.

His strength has massively increased and through a couple of good years of training, now he can comfortably do a 120kg squat, 100kg bench press and 170kg deadlift. His results are from his effort and consistency to his goals and deserves everything great that comes his way.