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Pavel L

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Weight: 74kg (-2.8kg)
Lean: 67.9kg (-1.3kg)
Fat%: 8.3% (-1.6%)
Fat: 6.1kg (-1.5kg)

Pavel L

This guy has worked his butt off to get this lean, absolutely under 10%, and at over 40 years old is awesome. Check out his transformation!

I have been coaching Pavel now for over 1 year, and we have spent most of that time getting leaner, while also stronger and building lean body mass, but in the last 6-8 weeks we decided to fully commit to a cutting phase.

He was never a ‘big’ guy but still wanted to lose some body fat, while getting fitter and stronger, to feel more confident within himself. 4 weights sessions per week / minimal to no cardio / no cutting out specific food groups.

By having weekly check ins and measurements and sessions, it allowed us to see how his body responded to the amount of food he was eating, and we could create some flexibility. He can eat the foods he loves in moderation and not lose progress.

We found out his metabolic rate and acted accordingly giving him the appropriate macros and calories necessary. His strength has massively increased, now he can comfortably do a 130kg squat, 100kg bench press and 170kg deadlift.

His results are from his effort and consistency to his goals and following the plan overtime.