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Quinn Sunderland

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Quinn Sunderland

My time working with Quinn has been quite the journey of steady improvements, successes and wins in many areas, over a few years. He came to me after working with a pro bodybuilder unfortunately wasn’t working for him. He has shown he is very capable of getting both competition lean, and also increasing his strength steadily across the board. Whichever direction we focused on, we put a plan in place and discussed the actions he needs to adhere to in order to achieve the results. And his efforts that followed were nothing short of awesome.

– We spent a year (4 strength specific training blocks) building his strength and increased his Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift, and Shoulder Press all amazingly well.
– He decided we wanted to compete, and with a steady comp prep we got him stage shredded lean. He placed high in his divisions and he got down to under 7% body fat (under 40mm across 9 sites skin fold pinch test).

We have now switched to online coaching with monthly check ins, to adjust his nutrition, training and goal setting accordingly. His knowledge and understanding is at the point he can absolutely do this on his own and get results doing that.

⬆️ Strength in every lift he does
⬆️ Lean body mass, muscle mass
⬆️ Confidence to train on his own 4+ days a week
⬆️ Can follow macro targets and eat any foods he wants
⬇️ Decreases in body fat and can get very lean (when we chose that as out goal)

I’m beyond proud of Quinn and his consistency to training over years. You deserve every bit of muscle you have gained mate and I hope you never stop training.