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Skye Godfrey

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Weight: 73.8kg (-8.5kg)
Lean: 54.7kg (+1.7kg)
Fat%: 25.9% (-9.7%)
Fat: 19.1kg (-10.2kg)

Skye Godfrey

Skye wanted to look amazing and feel confident for her wedding. I have been working with Skye for 2 years.

In this time she has steadily lost body fat and weight at a healthy pace, while getting fitter and stronger. She is now the leanest she has ever been. She was never a ‘big’ girl but still wanted to achieve her goals which involved losing some body fat and some weight to feel more confident within herself.

Skye is now confident to walk into a gym by herself and do a weights session following the program I have written for her. Following my coaching regarding nutrition and flexible dieting, she can eat the foods she loves in moderation and not lose progress.

She enjoys both lifting weights and doing the occasional walk, rather than feeling like she ‘must’ do fasted cardio everyday. We found out her metabolic rate and acted accordingly, putting her in a weekly deficit with macro targets.