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I heard about Kym from a friend that has been training with him and seeing great results. I got to know Kym personally when we started our training. He has been very encouraging and has explained the whole process of goal setting and execution + nutrition in detail. But what I love the most is how simple he made it. Without clarity there is no action. Kym definitely helped me to gain clarity over my nutrition and exercise routine. As he is a very kind and relatable person, I’ve found him very approachable.

Mark Zschech

Kym is the real deal!  After years of trying to achieve too many things at once with my health, Kym provided me a focused and clear training program and diet that saw me achieve more progress in months than I had in years. Great guy and really knows his stuff.

George L

I wanted a sculptured look, toned arms and legs. I had bingo wings and a high body fat % despite working out at the normal gyms and running 5 days a week. So I took up weight training with Kym and his focus on targets and results has been awesome. I am amazed at the results and really love the training too. Kym is a great trainer and knows how to push you to get great results!

Fiona Smith

I’ve been training with Kym for over a year now, and he has exceeded my expectations! He is not like all the other coaches and trainers that I have used before. His knowledge, passion and commitment far surpasses that of all the previous PT’s. We sat down, set some goals, worked out a nutrition & training plan, and then kept me accountable to overachieving my goals! If you’re looking for an amazing coach/personal trainer to help with body re-composition, weight loss and overall fitness, look no further!

Luis Bond

Luis Bond
A trainer that’s passionate about personalised goals that is approachable. Kym has been my coach for 5+ years. Over the years, he’s taught me so much and has built my confidence in nutrition, exercising and the most important, in life! He’s helped me Recomposition and achieve my goals in a fun, effective and safe way that’s achievable for my busy (and very social) lifestyle. I couldn’t recommend Kym enough to someone looking for an approachable coach to crush their goals with a truly unique and personalised experience.

Brendan Modini

Brendan Modini
Thoughtful, Detailed and Determined are three words that I use to describe Kym’s coaching technique. I came to Kym with some experience in the gym, but I could not get to that next level with other trainers. Through Kym’s programming and support, he has helped me blast through PB plateaus and mental hurdles that prevented me from achieving goals. What I particularly like about Kym’s coaching style is the ability to ask as many questions about why we do a particular exercise and the benefits it will deliver. This ability to contextualise helped build my trust in Kym and allow for greater risk-taking to try new programs that I would never have considered with other coaches. I have put on 7kgs of lean mass with Kym’s coaching and support while keeping my body fat to as close to 10% as possible. Something that I wasn’t able to achieve in the year prior training myself.

Aiden Turner

Aiden Turner
When I first met Kym I knew I wanted “something” to improve, but didn’t know what. I was reasonably fit from cycling but my body wasn’t what I wanted. I had some lingering shoulder injuries too, so wanted to make sure I didn’t hurt myself in the process like I have in the past. Kym really helped me to understand what was possible, to come up with goals and help me achieve them. At 42 years old, I went from 19% body fat to 14% in under 3 month of consistent training, and improved my strength hugely. Now 6 months in with Kym he’s tuned the program every step of the way, helping avoid new injury and manage old ones, all while encouraging and pushing me to be my fittest self.

Dan Sketcher

When I started training with Kym I was 88kg and body fat percentage was through the roof. My target was my wedding 6 months time from that. I’d never trained before, the most I used to do was go running about 9 years prior! I’d never done strength training. I’d been so embarrassed to train because I felt so unhealthy and unfit + I couldn’t even find gym clothes to fit me. Getting fit for my wedding seemed like an impossible mountain to climb. My fiancé actually booked the first session, because I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I went and bought a size 18 baggy shirt and leggings and reluctantly went to my session. From the moment we met, Kym was so fantastic and encouraging. He never made me feel embarrassed about my body and never made me feel like my goal was unachievable. I just knew we clicked and our sessions were always fun and entertaining! I trained twice a week initially using recomposer and changed my diet to incorporate more protein and reduce fat and sugar. I’d never looked at macros before, I used to just calorie restrict in an unsustainable way which led to yo-yoing. With Kym’s plan, I was still able to go on short holidays and relax my diet, but I still trained because I enjoyed it. By my wedding I was at 70kg and body fat percentage of about 26% and by December 2019 I was 60kg and body fat percentage 14%. I can’t recommend Kym more highly. He really changed my life and my whole attitude to getting and staying fit! Thanks!!

Aysha Malik

I started working with Kym almost 2 years ago. His workouts are varied, super fun and he works with clients to make sure their form is correct and they keep pushing themselves. He has also been great help in allowing me to re-think nutrition and how i balance strength training vs cardio to best meet my goals.

Miguel Henriques